Geraint Davies, MP, is Chair of the APPG on Air Pollution, which is made up of a group of MPs and Peers who are passionate about improving air quality in order to enjoy the many health benefits, economic opportunities and protect the environment.

The work of the APPG is supported by scientists, doctors, environmental lawyers and local authorities, who deal with the impacts and consequences of air pollution. UK100 run the secretariat for the the APPG. Join the APPG mailing on the contact page.

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The Environment Bill has been touted as an opportunity to deliver Clean Air.

For this to happen it will requires

  • WHO guidelines on PM2.5 & other pollutants
  • Inclusion of indoor environments
  • A Watch Dog that can enforce targets that will help achieve cleaner air.

Clean Air Bill


Geraint Davies first tabled a Clean Air Bill back in 2014 and received the backing of more than 100 Parliamentarians.

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